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Featured Brand: Boo Design Studio

Boo Design Studio is a local brand founded by husband-and-wife team, Jo and Amanda Booabbood. The couple’s work draws inspiration from their daily lives and traditions, creating culturally meaningful pieces such as the Museum of Islamic Art’s Music Box and their collection of gifts at the National Museum of Qatar Gift Shop inspired by the artworks of local artist, Abdulaziz Yousef.

In this interview, co-founder Jo highlights their collection of gifts at our Gift Shops, the stories behind their designs, and its relevance to the local culture.

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Gifts inspired by Untitled (Lamp/Bear) sculpture in Hamad International Airport

Browse our collection of gifts inspired by Untitled (Lamp/Bear) sculpture by Swiss artist, Urs Fischer. The artist combines the canary yellow teddy bear, everyone's cherished childhood keepsake, with different objects.

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The Dal Blocks

Explore the world of open-ended play with the Dal Blocks; a sustainable educational toy designed to support friends and families to bond together, regardless of age, gender and interests. There are many ways to play the Dal Blocks – the uniquely shaped blocks offer hours of fun and discovery for young to old! Set your own pace and explore vast ways to creatively play.

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National Museum of Qatar building

Experience the unique story of Qatar’s past, present and future at the National Museum of Qatar.

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